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Do seo hackers care so much about the environment?

Al Gore’s website was hacked by spammers that added outbound links from his site to other sites they wanted to promote. apparently, the new type of hackers, the SEO hackers constantly look for high ranking sites, (Al Gore’s site has … Continue reading

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Get Your Visitors Contact You

Here is a nice post from stoney-degeyter discussing Ways to Get Your Visitors To Contact You From Your Contact Us Page I would have a also add one bullet – put a small contact us form on every important page. … Continue reading

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dot net problems.

Brendan Kowitz reports on his blog about serious problems ASP.NET 2.0 sites are facing. Apparently, a bug in ASP.NET 2.0  caused google to remove sites using this technology from google index. oops…

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don’t sell links. DON’T SELL LINKS, DONT!!!

It was said so many times, google explained exactly why they don’t like paid links, and even published a special form to report paid links, but people tend to ignore warnings and pretend they didn’t hear. And one day, guess … Continue reading

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htaccess – best thing since sliced bread

htaccss is used to manipulate URLS on Apache web servers. As we all know, URLs are a tremendously important factor in SEO, and the easiest way to improve them is htaccess. here is a simple example for htaccss file. The … Continue reading

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missing 3 zeros

The domain was sold for $275,000 at the recent TRAFFIC auction to a phone-in bidder – an attorney representing the Dallas Cowboys. The thing is, he missed some zeros… He thought he is buying the domain for $275.00, not … Continue reading

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