Sandisk Sansa USB problems

Last week I got myself a new Sandisk Sansa Clip mp3 player (this is the model I got). I was very happy on the way back home, and when I got to my laptop the trouble started.

Every time I tried to connect it to my laptop, it was dinging like a new USB device was connected, but I couldn’t see anything in “My Computer”. I have tried everything, but nothing helped. When I called Sandisk support I was shocked – they solved my problem!

They asked me to unplug the USB cable, lock the device, push the round button in the middle of the Sansa player, and while holding it, plug in again the USB cable… and it worked!!! How stupid of me not to think about it!

Why am I writing this?

Because if only those SOBs would add a user manual to the tiny mp3 player with a troubleshooting guide, that would save me so much time and energy, but they didn’t. They probably save the trees, or save their money. All that beings said, a manual would help only if I would RTFM, which honestly I’m not sure I would…

I actually can’t remember when was the last time I read a manual of an electronic device I got. My kids like to play with them, they like to rip off the high quality paper booklets, but not more than that…

So in case you got a Sandisk Sansa MP3 player and can’t make it work, lock it and while connecting the USB cable, push the button. You can’t RTFM because there isn’t any FM.update: I heard that upgrading Windows Media Player to version 11 might help as well, but never tried it myself. I do my best to stay away of Microsoft updates

This is the model I got . I think this tip works for others as well, but I’m not sure.

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162 Responses to Sandisk Sansa USB problems

  1. Patricia says:

    Thank you.
    I’m so happy that I got my clip recognised. I was so sad that my shiny device wouldn’t work. That info is NOT in any of the manuals btw


  2. KC says:

    Thank you for this information. =) It’s very helpful.

  3. Gana says:

    Awesome!!!!! It worked for me tooooo!!! thanks a ton…!!!

  4. Lightening says:

    Simply outstanding ^_^! I like posts like that. Your blog is added to my favorites ;-) . Continue writing.

  5. Rak says:

    Thanx Dear

    I also had the same problem, but when i pluged my Sansa Clip (1GB) to another laptop, it worked…………but it was not working on my laptop.

    I thought there is some problem with my laptop and i was about to format and reinstall WinXP in my laptop. But fortunately i found this website and was able to solve my problem. Now my Sansa clip works very fine and i enjoy the misic.

    Its very true that this solution is not mentioned in the manual.

    Thanx to u that u helped us all out………

    bye and take care

    and keep on doing your good work.

  6. copyhold says:

    Thanks alot!
    Now device finally working.

  7. AGAIN PRBLM says:

    Thankx alot for this great info….My computer identified it but I cant paste or send the songs to sandisk clip 2GB player..Wen I paste the song …windowsXP is displaying the msg that “specified path not found”

    But for oder players (Transcend, Creative ) etc its wrkng smoothly

    Can you give me a solution?????

  8. Belmont says:

    Cheers! Pain in the arse that was.

    have you tried to put them in the \Music folder, mate?

  9. Michel says:

    Thanx, that did the trick… its listening time

  10. SmoothFade says:


    Before your update firmware, reformat, and try holding buttons while plugging it in.
    Try this solution.

    - Turn Sansa ON (not connected to USB)
    - Rotate your dial on the Sansa to “Settings”
    - Find “USB Mode”
    - Change it opposite section (MSC or MTP) of what it is currently on.
    - Done!

    It worked for me!

    Good Luck!

  11. Paul says:

    Still trying.

    I have tried all of the solutions people have suggested.
    I am on version .11 and there are no USB Mode MSC MTP setting choice. I have tried the, lock, hold, and put in USB to no avail.

    When I put in the USB cable it says “Connected” and shows the picture of the Clip and Computer.

    I am running on Visita w/ WMP11.
    Any other suggestions?

  12. Delaurana says:

    My computers (work and home) would not recognize that anything was plugged in, though the player (Sansa Clip 2MB) said it was connected. I couldn’t see it, couldn’t sync any files to it, and it wouldn’t even charge.

    I tried this, along with every other suggestion I could find online or heard while on the phone with the troubleshooting hotline. I tried pressing practically every combination of buttons I could think of, locked and unlocked, while plugged in and not, and while plugging it in. None of it worked. It was pissing me off.

    Finally I called the hotline again, got a different person, and they said something about me having “an expensive paperweight.” Evidently they have recalled a bunch of them for similar problems. They are sending me a new 4GB one for free.

  13. Agnes says:

    my desktop couldn’t see it and your solution worked. I also had problems with charging sansa from this desktop but now it’s ok.

  14. Julie P! says:

    OMG. It worked. I have been trying to get this working for over an hour. THANKS SO MUCH!!! Yes best thing ever!

  15. abdalla says:

    I just wanna say “thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you” and hope I serve in your wedding

  16. ina says:

    thank you so much! you made me happy after two hours of fighing with computer and the new sansa!
    ina from jerusalem

  17. Unbelieveable says:

    Thank you alot! It’s 3 of this sansa mini in my house and people got mad at me when they didn’t work. And now…

    WTF is the problem spending a little time on a user manual that actually have usefull information???

    And where do I find the answer? Using google as always, and thx to some random guy sharing this usefull information.

    k, peace!

  18. spanx says:

    i tried all the solutions none worked!!
    i have this sansa sandisk 4GB version:v01.01.18f..
    i also tried (MSC and MTP) it doesnt work..

  19. Gro says:

    Thank you so much! You just saved my day :-)
    Gro from Denmark

  20. Ricardo G. says:

    Thank you, Thank you!

    from Lima PERU

  21. Amit says:


    Before your update firmware, reformat, and try holding buttons while plugging it in.
    Try this solution.

    - Turn Sansa ON (not connected to USB)
    - Rotate your dial on the Sansa to “Settings”
    - Find “USB Mode”
    - Change it opposite section (MSC or MTP) of what it is currently on.
    - Done!

    It worked for me!

    Thanks a million SmoothFade it worked absolutely perfect for me as well, good for all. thanks – amit

  22. Timo says:

    graias despues de una semana de lucha al fin trabajo

  23. GuRu™ says:

    Many Thanks :) Finally it working

  24. Yaakov H says:

    I have both a sansa e280mp3 player and a flash memory (stick) both of sandisk, In my device manager I get a yellow ? with 280e sansa written next to it I also get a yellow ? with cruzer micro written next to it. It is clear that i need some sort of a driver. Please help, thanx in advance Yaakov H p.s. I tried all the above nothing helps all the other companies usb devices work.

  25. Erin says:

    Oh my god! THANK YOU! I was on my last stand with this thing and a little pissed I may have to buy a different mp3. thanks again you saved me money!!

  26. Thev says:

    Thanks a bunch! It really helped me troubleshooting my Sansa.

  27. mike says:

    Thanks so much for your advice. It worked perfectly, and as we say in Georgia, I owe you a Coca-Cola!!!! Thanks again for you help.

  28. tamar says:

    thanks a million!!!!
    so simple….;-)

  29. Awesome! Thanks so much.

    I was beginning to suspect that some type of Digital Rights Management was preventing my new computer from reading the flash drive.

    This procedure worked for both of my MP3 players:
    Sandisk Sansa 1GB
    Samsung YP-T7J

  30. Bob says:

    My nephew has a clip as well, but he has gone through all of these steps with tech support. Are there any other fixes???

  31. Chilty says:

    Awesome! Worked for me too. Only if I had this information about 8 agonizing months ago.

  32. Maria says:

    OMG…I am sooooooo glad that I found this page on the web! Was about to throw my pretty red mp3 against the wall! Thanks soooooo much, and btw, it worked like a charm!!!!

  33. Bob C says:

    I just brought home a sansa 4GB and same thing…ding but no joy!! No usb connectivity. I spent 2 hrs buggering around with Microsoft driver updates, and reboots…all no joy! I was too pissed at that point to call Sansa support I wasn’t in the mood to get a hot ear waiting on some phone queue! Later when I wasn’t so upset I googled “sansa usb problem” and there was your post. Gave it a whirl and BINGO!! Thanks for posting this info!! Bob C

  34. Dr. Action says:

    mate, this was the most efficient, useful faq i have EVER come across. brilliant.

  35. Tom says:

    This Sansa is angering me. Computer won’t recognize it. Trick that worked for many didn’t work for me. Suspect dead battery on 1gb Clip. Did work on this computer at one time. Tried uninstalling drivers; rebooting, etc.

    About ready to destroy it and send it in to Sandisk with a LOT OF BAD LANGUAGE. Thanks.

  36. israel jon says:

    i have a different prob., if anyone knows how to solve it, i’ll be his or her slave for the rest of my natural life:
    I have a Sansa 280e and it was working more or less okay (not recognizing many tags though) – and one day MY SCREEN WENT ALL BLURRY!!!

    I did nothing to provoke this and I tried formating the thing 3 times, to no avail.
    Has anyone encountered a similar problem? is it a hardware or software prob.?

    thanks a bunch,

  37. Anna says:

    Thanks! I would have never guessed….

  38. lost in the LBC says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had the EXACT same problem….the dinging noise…and no new hardware! A few hours later, I run by this blog and it worked like a charm! Thank you so much!

  39. ellen says:

    Your instructions worked, but i have to do it each time when I turn it back on. Whats up with that.

  40. Mr. Kickass says:

    Great job with this post! It was immensely helpful. keep up the great work and thanks!

  41. haroon says:

    thanx worked for me too. though i didnt have any problems when i connected it to my pc with vista. but when i connected it to my pc with xp the problem occured which got resolved by your advice. The only thing in which i differ with u is that i think SOBs should be repeated 3 or 4 times in your blog.


  43. Kumar says:

    Simply superb solution. 2nd best to none. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you very very very very very much

  44. Kit Palmer says:

    I have tried all these trick with my 1Gb Sansa Clip, but it is still not recognized by my PC (XP SP2, WMP11). I am trying to load this up with songs to give as a gift to my son for Christmas. The cable is good (I use it with other mp3 players).

    Please help!

  45. Sean says:

    You’re a lifesaver! I just got one of those, and I was wondering how to work it! It wasn’t being recognized, but when I did what you said, it worked like a charm. THANK YOU!

  46. jas says:

    I really need help…well i just got the sansa clip MP3 and its cool, but i don’t know why it keeps saying the only way i can make it work and download music is if i install Rhapsody. I don’t want to download that because at the end of whatever trail they give you you must pay….my mom said i cant pay anything so i wanted to know if there is another way i can connect it to my computer without downloading rhapsody?

    This is what the manual said….Install the Rhapsody software on your PC and create an account. Creating an account is the only way to activate all of the features on your new Sandisk Sana Clip.

    Connect your Sandisk Sansa Clip to your PC. Your new player is specially optimized to work with Rhapsody.

  47. Rupert says:

    This was extremely helpful. It fixed my problem immediately. This saved me money as I was just going to get a new one. Thank you.

  48. Mikhail says:

    Thanks a lot! I spent two weeks to solve this problem and now I did it. I really heppy. You didn’t give me die without my music on Sansa Clip

  49. grond says:

    Great stuff. Thank you!

  50. LJ says:

    Your tip was my lifesaver, as my clip initially worked when plugged in, THEN blacked out. Holding the lock button as i replugged solved the prob. thanks people!!!

  51. Iain says:

    The initial tip didn’t help me, but the later idea did – Switching the USB mode from auto-detect to MSC did the trick

  52. wonq says:

    my goodness, this is EXACTLY what i couldn’t find anywhere else. thanks, it worked like a charm.

  53. Karthik says:

    thanxxx alot ………………………..

  54. humphrey says:

    I just purchased a Sansa Clip MP3. I am having a problem in using it with books downloaded from my local library. I can get the books into my desktop computer. When I try to download a book to the MP3, it seems to go OK but when I look for it, the Audio book space is empty. When I try to download it again from my desk top, I get a message that “One or more of the selected parts already exist on the selected portable player.”
    I get this message even if the MP3 player is not connected to the computer. Does any one have any thoughts about what I am doing wrong?

  55. Jon says:

    The battery on the new 8G clip is dead, and nothing was happening at all when plugged into the USB.

    When I tried your lock and press technique, though, at least I got a message from Windows XP telling me that I had connected to a “malfunctioning device.” No kidding.

    Thanks. I can return it with confidence now.

  56. Alan says:

    i did all the steps here and it still wont work!! Grrr… i hat this thing!!!!!

  57. Jonny says:

    oh my god. thank you soo much!! because of this usb trouble, i didn’t use this mp3 player nearly 4 months and now it works great!!! thank you >.<

  58. johnnie says:

    thank you so much!
    finally it worked!!!! awesome babe!

  59. Anna (again =) says:

    Bookmarking your post ~~~

  60. RC says:

    Thank you for the heads’ up – Yep! Silly us we couldnt figure out to push a button and plug it in. Humans -
    THX for saving me 2 hours

  61. Brandon says:

    Oh thank you sooooo much I was about to smash my mp3 player then beat my laptop to hell

  62. Ppp says:

    Thank you! Works! :)

  63. Kyle says:

    exactly what i needed. thanks so much.

  64. Robby says:

    My Sansa 1gb Clip Plugs In Say Its Charged AND When I unplug It Shuts Down AutoMatically!! Ive Tried The Other Things And They Havent Worked Any Help Plz.Thank You

  65. Jeff Smith says:

    May I add my thanks also. I was hunting in the bin for the packaging to send my new toy back until I found this page.

  66. Sansa_user says:

    That was awesome…thanks so much …….

  67. Steve Kaufman says:

    I too tried all the fixes listed here to no avail. This is my third sansa clip 4 gig unit (this is my second replacement). Have loaded firmware update, locked the unit/s held center button, no luck. Also tried changing the usb format, no luck. With each unit I have been able to charge when I get it and transfer music onto the unit. When I go to charge the unit the computer won’t recognize that it is attached. Have tried with several computers and I wish there was something I could do. Asked Sansa for a refund (they say no way) and now I have asked for another type of mp3 player. Can’t believe this is so tough. Bought by wife and daughters a Sansa player 2 years ago, one had to go back once but they have been great units. If anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated.

  68. Sam says:

    Wow, thanks for writing this. Found it on google. It seemed like one of those too-simple-to-be-true suggestions to just throw out there. After trying to install new drivers, reading stuff about updating BIOS, etc. this made it work. Thanks.

  69. Damien says:

    mine is somewhat like that. my sansa 1gb wont charge and wont appear in my computer. the device says writing then connected for 5 seconds and will turn off then come back on and and do it all over again. i left it on the charger for like whole day and still wont charge. PLEASE HELP! thankyou.

  70. Jan Banan says:

    Thanks a lot, worked like a charm!

  71. Chris says:

    Thanks that worked I am very grateful you published this information

  72. Domen says:

    Thanx for making my life easier :)

  73. Bernhard says:

    Thank you so much!

  74. VeryOdd. says:

    My Black Sansa clip is a 1G.B,
    And i’ve tried doing that,
    but it still wont work.
    (for sync i mean.
    The clip’s screen say’s ‘connected’,
    but on MY COMPUTER it doesn’t show up,
    and the USB mode is on autodetect sooo.)
    Is there anything else that I could do?

  75. Elizabeth says:

    You seriously saved me 4 more hours of frustration. Thank you.

  76. Greg says:

    So nice of you, I love you man!! Incredible, now maybe I’ll actually be able to put music on. Well, let’s not push it…

  77. ledgic says:

    Thanks for the info man but I on the other hand have a major problem know. This Bit#& want work at all now. It want even cut back on, completely none responsive to the pc (dead). Pluged it in the USB wall plug and still nothing. Anyone have any solutions for this uniquie problem ? Or am I just SOL?

  78. ledgic says:

    Well wouldn’t u know, the old slap upside the wall did the trick. Although now it works it still want connect to pc. Oh well i guess.

  79. Michael says:

    That was amazing. Thanks

  80. C says:

    Thank you, very, very much.

    If not for this blog, I’d be googling for an extra hour. :)

  81. Peter Tran says:

    Holy F, it worked! Thanks alot. I love you.

  82. Lorcan - dublin says:

    Thanks – I changed mine to MSC and it worked.
    Still no update on the Sandisk website to point this out – 16 months after you first posted !

  83. chris says:

    Thank you- I was having issues with charging and recognizing in my computer, and I think this fixed both. Boo Sansa for not having it do this when you just connect it…

  84. kim says:

    To put in the manual in short that what customers need to do is wiggle the thing a bit before it will work would be an embarrassment. I just got a sansa clip today and inside is FILLED with useless papers and information. Plug the sansa clip by using the USB. Here’s the diagram. DUH. The actual support website is not that helpfu eitherl. At least the MP3 is good.

  85. Matt says:

    You’re a star. Solved a serious headache for me!

  86. Makker says:

    Never though of this combination, but I’m contact now!!
    Thx for this post

  87. junesh acharya says:

    i have purchased sansa scandisk 2gb ,my problem is that when i connect my scandisk to my pc ,it starts charging and it does not show anything in my pc .To remind u that i have lost the software that u have given me …it doesnot show newly hardware connected to my pc……please help me …..does it need any software ?…prescribe me soon….

  88. Yusuf says:


  89. mike says:

    omg i looked and looked and tried everything i couldent find anything to fix it and it worked the first time with what u said thank u soooo much

  90. Faryar Etesami says:

    Thank you for your post. After spending an hour in vain I was packaging it to send it back as I thought it was defective. I agree with everything you said about them.

  91. Robert says:

    Worked for me, thank you

  92. Robert says:

    I did that and it was recognized but now my folders all come up as empty

  93. JAron says:

    Wow this actually worked, thank you very much, just made my day

  94. ania says:

    It worked beautifully, thank you so much for this piece of advice!

  95. jamie says:

    wow, oi love u man, i spent last 4 hours trying to get it to work and your tip worked a treat :) :)

  96. Dr. Hanna says:


  97. Rhonda says:

    OMG!!!!! I’ve had this ‘waste of space’ in my drawer for almost 2yrs because it wouldn’t connect No Matter What. I actually got a little giddy when it connected to my computer just now!!! I sooooooo thank you for sharing. It’s people like you who make this crazy ‘place’ easier… :)

  98. WHITEBOY says:

    Thank you, I know many people have said this but thanks. i lost my charger ( a moto cell phone charger) and my mp3 died. I did what you said and what do you know, its working. once again thanks its working.

  99. Peter Ming says:

    Thank very much.
    I’m going to find out the way to return it ” SANSA clip 2G ”
    after tried so many way for fix this problem.

  100. Dash says:

    thank you for the article, it helped.

  101. stu says:

    Thankyou so much 3 hours ive just spent searching the net and downloading different things untill i read this page.
    Thank you

  102. Kent says:

    I cant believe I did not think of doing that myself!

  103. Nitin Mishra says:

    This is the excellent solution i found nowhere….Thank you so much for your writing….

  104. Brian says:

    Woohoo thanks its now midnight and i have been trying to figure out wtf was wrong with my sansa clip. many many thanks! hmm i see a lot of people with the same problem here… maybe they need to include this in the manual under connecting to your computer.

  105. George says:

    Thank YOU sooo much! IceCOld man u r my rasta! One love peace!

  106. Mike says:

    Thanks a lot man… Ive been trying to get it to work for weeks! Your post has been very helpful for a lot of us, and I agree, why not include MANUALS! Have a nice Christmas my friend!

  107. Pat says:

    Thanks so much! Such a simple fix thanks for posting it.

  108. Steve Chap says:

    Awesome. Huge props for taking the time to share this fix. I love the mini clip for working out and have had to go without it for several weeks. Just followed your simple steps and I’m back in business. Thanks!!!

  109. LUCiO says:

    Thanks soooo much for sharing.I really didn’t think it would , but wallah.
    Saved me from installing media player!

  110. John says:

    you are truly wonderful! Thanks!!

  111. Thariq says:

    Thank you.!!! It worked…!!! and you seem to be the only person who knew the answer in this whole world (at least in my google results!) Thanks you again….

  112. Dave says:

    thank you so much for this information, something so simple as this!! My step sister threw the mp3 player away luckily my dad saved it haha now i have fixed it thanks to this wonderful helpful post

  113. Tobias says:

    Thank you!!!!! It worked and after to much time to look for a solution i found your hint. Great

  114. Josh says:

    Thank you so much worked like a charm.

  115. PN says:

    Thanks a ton! Had such trouble to get it charged on my MAC. Your solution worked like a charm…

  116. Debs says:

    After four attempts of doing the lock/hold button/plug in WinXP finally recognized it and I was able to finish running the Sansa Updater and update the firmware which gave me the USB option under Settings. Selected MSC and XP recognizes the Sansa each time I plug it in.

    Thank you for posting this fix!!

  117. Irene says:

    im sure this really does work but mine does not want to work!!! Thanks for the help anyways…

  118. melissa says:

    it didn’t work for me
    do u have to use the usb it came with???

  119. shelly bankston says:

    after two weeks of frustration, now my sansa clip charges and is recognized by my computer. thank you for posting this on a google search. You have helped one more person. much thanks.

  120. shelly bankston says:

    smoothfade, in usb settings. what does autodetect usb mean? I had it on that setting; should I not have?

  121. shelly bankston says:

    this is weird. the sansa clip is recognized by computer. But when i double click on it to see what’s inside; it is blank. I have 4 books on the clip. it’s charging. it is like a whole new blank device is being recognized.

  122. Lex says:

    WOW!!!! after all these years that i’ve been using my sansa i can finally connect it on my laptop. Thanks a lot!!!! lex from the philippines. ;D

  123. wtf says:

    i can’t believe this worked. that was freaking incredible. I was honestly stunned.

  124. Suzanne says:

    Thanks so much! I was going crazy. Mine just stopped working after a year of doing just fine. Had tried everything under the sun. Then this easy solution. Thanks so much for sharing.

  125. Dave says:

    Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! I was getting ready to throw it away and buy another!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

  126. James says:

    The icon now appears, but the content of my clip does not show up.

  127. James says:

    I had problem with my Windows XP computer reading my Sansa Clip after I had to wipe the computer clean following a nasty virus. Tech support at Sandisk said that I needed Windows Media Player 10 or higher to read Sansa Clip. Once I updated Windows Media Player, it worked like a charm.

    Of note, there is a more permanent solution to the “hold the enter button down”. In Sansa Device, go to Settings, select USB Mode, select MSC instead of MTP. The achieves the same effect as holding the enter button down, but it is not satisfactory because you cannot read files already stored on the machine. The better solution is to load a more recent version of Windows Media Player.

  128. Emily says:

    Thank you so much for this information! I have had my Sansa Clip when it stopped being recognized by the computer. I’m so glad I didn’t have to go through customer service to solve this problem!

  129. Fred Sanders says:

    for over a year, I was able to transfer MP3 files from a podcast, but suddenly out of the blue when I tried to do this recently I got an error message saying, “Cannot transfer file Device has either stopped working, or is disconnected.” I could not understand this as according to the system info, there was still 990 MB of free space in the memory, and the device was connected.
    After many hours of unsuccessful searching for help yesterday, I went on to Google again this morning and came across your “Troubleshooting USB” page.
    I tried your suggestion of locking the device, and then holding the middle button down. when I plugged the USB cable in. This procedure obliterated all the files that I had stored on the device, which is not a real problem, as I had listened to them all many times before, but I can now transfer files from my computer successfully.

    You have earned my grateful thanks, because I have been struggling to correct this problem for a long time now.

  130. Kris says:

    Oh, lord. I think I LOVE YOU. Thank you. (It’s been 2 and a half years since this was posted and they still haven’t put anything about it in the manual – which I DID read, btw, including the troubleshooting part).

  131. Paul Haggo says:

    thanks you… it worked great …

  132. Bigdaddyj says:

    I need help with my sansa disk and everytime when I oull the plug out of the sansa after its charging. it goes right off whenI was charging it for like 7 hours or I tried again this time let it charge for 1 day, didnt work, 2days, didnt work 1 week, and it didnt work, will this trick also help me or do I have to spend my money and fix it?

  133. carlos says:

    thanks alot for helping me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. AL says:

    Thanks, worked for me. BUT still only one of the four USB cables I have work (and the one which does ISN’T the one Sandisk supplied)… Kudos for Sandisk for making such poor and finicky USB connectivity for such a simple device.

  135. Jeanne says:

    Horray! This solution worked. I have a different model with a square button in the middle, and this still worked. I wonder why it was not in any manual. I read the online pdf manual without receiving any help. Thank you so very much!!!

  136. dejaay says:

    You can also see my site for USB problems.
    ..see you :) )

  137. Tim says:

    3 years later and the advice was good for me… fixed my problem.

  138. fernji says:

    after charging I pulled out of the computer and the screen froze it says “refresing our media”, it will not turn off no matter what I do, does any one has an answer for this ??? thanks..

  139. Playu48121 says:

    Worked for me too!! I have tried numerous other solutions to no avail. I’m so happy I have my Sansa back!

  140. Juston says:

    I tried this after my Sansa clip stopped syncing etc, and it worked, now I unfortunately have to do this EVERY time I want to add music but I guess for the low cost its tolerable for the time being

  141. Sarah says:

    Oh my gosh, thank you. I had given my sansa fuze up for dead over a year ago because I could not connect via usb, but this solved it! I have an mp3 player again!

  142. Diana says:

    Stellar!!! Kudos to the brain trust who came up with this. I love everything about the Sansa MP3 players. Especially the earphones.

  143. mohini says:

    Thank you so much. You gave a new life to my Sansa as well as my money as I was going to buy a new MP3 player.

  144. Lioa says:

    Oh My God! It worked for me! Incredible! Fantastico! Thankuko!


  145. Michelle says:

    Thank you!!!! The price was right for this player, but the documentation is terrible!!

  146. Scott620 says:

    Thank You!!! I thought after my wife had washed this thing I would NEVER be able to use it again! Your tip has it working PERFECTLY!
    Thanks again!

  147. CW says:

    YAA!! thanks!!!!!!

  148. CW says:

    ya, this sansa clip was dirt cheap, so … stoked on the quik on line fix.

    thanks Guey!

  149. mehmet says:

    thank you so much!!!
    I have the same for a year,but thanks to you today I could solve it.
    I am very happy and excited now :)

  150. connie says:

    i try that but it didnt work for me

  151. ram says:


  152. faizan says:

    my sandisk usb is not working properly i have to face problem in charging

  153. tomi says:


  154. Adam says:

    Thank you so much…this is exactly the problem I had.

  155. Migzilla says:

    I thought my MP3 player was dead (after only having it a few months). I followed your instructions, and it’s working great again! Thanks for posting this!

    Even though I almost immediately throw user manuals away, they should print these instructions for the small minority out there who actually do read them. I couldn’t even find information like this on their website.

  156. kaleem says:

    my computer not show the icon plz solved my problem plz………what i will do…….

  157. tayo champion says:

    im having problem putting on my sansa clip.pls what should i do

  158. ashwanth says:

    hey but still it isnt working man … please help meeeeeeeeee

  159. Pamela says:

    You truly saved the day (and my sanity)! Can’t thank you enough for helping me with this annoying problem. My computer would NOT recognize my Sansa e250 until I tried your idea. Hats off to you!! If anyone is having trouble with your computer not recognizing your Sansa…try this link: >

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