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WordPress Vulnerability

Google up inurl:wp-content/1/ [Warning: just google it up, don't visit any of the site in the search results. They are full of activeX viruses!]. This is what I see now: What you see is a list of sites that were … Continue reading

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Disable Google Analytics

If you would ask me what is the best Google Analytics resource, I would’nt think twice before sending you here. However, for the problem we had we found something different. I’m using Google analytics quite a lot on every site … Continue reading

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Vulnerability Scanner

I guess you all heard about goolag, the new Vulnerability Scanner that uses Google as their engine. I think it is fantastic. There are very creative people out there, Very. The thing is, I’m not so sure if I would … Continue reading

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dirty tricks

How cool is that! I think it is brilliant. You have to admit that this is very creative, Very! Will Google block it? Do they care more about their gmail user experience or the income from this ad? I’m not … Continue reading

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