I **** Jack Daniels Dot Com

This is a story about the guy that owned ILoveJackDaniels.com. One day, the guys from Jack Daniels contacted him and asked him to stop using their trademark including the domain name he owned. Like many such cases, where the little people have no money to fight the giants, the guy gave up and moved his site to a new domain – addedbytes.com.

The thing is, they are going to let him redirect his traffic from the old domain to the new domain only until June 2009!!!

And then what???

It simply doesn’t make any sense. Not using the domain name is one thing (I would argue on that one as well, but he decided not to). But not using the domain name to redirect his traffic? What about all the links that he gathered througout the years? They are all gone!

I hope that I’m not violating Jack Daniels trademark by setting the title of this post to the title I chose.

Their acts are simply outrages. I don’t drink Jack Daniels but if I would, I would stop now.

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