Does your company Blog?

Nearly 15% of Fortune 500 companies communicate with consumers via blogs, according to a study conducted by Burson-Marsteller.

Why is this number so low? I think the most common excuse would be “we have nothing to say”.

David Wallace wrote a great post about corporate blogging. Here is his answer for the we-have-nothing-to-say excuse:

  • Write opinionated posts related to news and events surrounding your industry.
  • Announce new products and/or special offers.
  • Write in-depth product reviews.
  • Highlight customer testimonies and praise.
  • Do a Q&A style of post to deal with most common inquiries from clients.
  • Publish company news – the more personal, the better.

Cover news in your specific industry. Add your own commentary to make your content unique.

I think that marketing managers don’t realize what a powerful communication tool a blog can be.

There is no reason to be afraid of it.

The beginning is always hard, but once you start, I promise, you WILL find yourself blogging about things you want to tell the world, and wait for comments, instead of sending those regular web1.0 emalis…

update: SEC had announced that companies may now spread their official news by posting information on their websites and blogs, rather than press releases distributed by press release companies. How cool is that!

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One Response to Does your company Blog?

  1. Yuval says:

    Makes sense.
    it worth a consideration.
    I’ll speak with my team

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