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new hosting – feels young again!

After too many emails and phone calls to SPRY support, that ended up nowhere, it was time to move on. I’ve decided to look for new hosting, but the thought about migration scared the shit out of me… And last … Continue reading

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The wrong way to choose a domain name

You all probably know by now that choosing a domain name with your keywords can help your SEO. When doing that, it is very important to verify how the new domain name sounds. 200ok has a very funny list of … Continue reading

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The million searches keywords – This can’t be real.

I was playing with Google’s Keyword Tool quite a lot lately, and found something really strange. There are a few keywords that seem to have exactly 1,000,000 searches per month. The thing is, it just doesn’t make sense that both … Continue reading

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Pay for Digg Front Page

How much does it cost to bring a story to Digg front page? There is a guy offering this service for $500. Isn’t that a great price for 30K visitors? Invesp has an interview with a Digg top user that … Continue reading

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