99 cents prices sell more!

Have you ever thought if it is really worth it to sell a product for 9.99 instead of a round 10.00?

The bottom line, as you already know is that any price that ends with .99 sell much more than round prices. The NY Times has an article about this question which says that products were sold better in 99 cents than when they were prices 79 cents!

One of the interesting proofs for this theory was provided by Professor Robert Schindler from the Rutgers University, NJ.

In a study at a women’s clothing retailer, he found that the one-penny difference between prices ending in .99 and .00 had “a considerable effect on sales,” according to his study, with items whose prices ended at .99 outselling those ending at .00.

So if you can’t decide what price to set, start with the pennies. 99 cents. no more no less.

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