Affilicon 2009

I was really excited to attend Afiilicon 2009 this week.

The conference was fascinating, full of great quality content presented by excellent speakers.

My favorite was Harlan Kilstein, which I’m going to hear again this Monday.

On this video, Harlan talks about adding video to web pages, and how important this is.

On this video, Harlan shows a successful campaign he made for a diet program “Mommy, the kids in school call me fat!”

And there is another example for a succesfull campain for a pill called RU21 that supposed to help you drink without getting drunk. (why is that fun?)

And here again is our good old PJ, I just took the first few minutes of his lecture. He was really good, although his English is not as good as Harlans :)

I bought a new HD video camera. I promise to get better quality next time I put videos on this blog…

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