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Twitter is Over Capacity

I have just logged in to Twitter and saw this error message: Isn’t that a beautiful? Instead of the ugly 500 Internal standard error message, why don’t we all be nice to your customers?

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How do you say ‘Bye Bye Google’ in Chinese?

Google reported in the official google blog that they are on their way out of China. This is unbelievable.  The amount of traffic Google is going to loose as a result of this move is enormous.  The revenue they will … Continue reading

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Gmail SMS bug

Here is a Gmail bug I have just found. If you open 2 Gmail chat windows, one of them is in SMS mode and the other is in regular chat mode, The SMS quote is ticking even if you send … Continue reading

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Send FREE sms with Gmail Chat

Gmail has done it again. And again and again and again. And they are now doing it again… Did you know you can send SMS messages for free from your Gmail Chat window? In order to do that, click on … Continue reading

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