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Listen to the audio below. The kid that says “Jet Blue 171, clear for takeoff” didn’t go to school that day, and instead went with his dad to work. Isn’t that fun when your dad works in the JFK AIRPORT … Continue reading

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where does a 800 pound gorilla sit

Here is a really funny clip made by The fact that this video clip is hosted on YouTube proves that the people in Google still got some sense of humor left.

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Technology Dinosaurs

If you are the kind of guy that likes old computers, take a look at the museum of old computers exhibition. They have beautiful online virtual tour in the museum, that shows anything from ZX-81 to VeryOld Huge Floopy Disk … Continue reading

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The wrong way to choose a domain name

You all probably know by now that choosing a domain name with your keywords can help your SEO. When doing that, it is very important to verify how the new domain name sounds. 200ok has a very funny list of … Continue reading

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Don’t trust web based translators

When I work on multi lingual adwords campaigns, in many cases I use web based translators to figure out the right keywords in Japanese, French, Italian and other languages I don’t speak. Is it possible that on one of those … Continue reading

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SQL Injection

I found this excellent piece of art that made me smile… In case you were wondering what SQL Injection means, it is a trick to inject SQL command as an input possibly via web pages. As seen above, the kid’s … Continue reading

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