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Another reason for using Chrome.

This is a message I have just seen when I went to, the most popular website in Israel. Isn’t it funny that such a popular site is exposed to vulnerabilities so easily? In any case, IE users don’t get … Continue reading

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WordPress Vulnerability

Google up inurl:wp-content/1/ [Warning: just google it up, don't visit any of the site in the search results. They are full of activeX viruses!]. This is what I see now: What you see is a list of sites that were … Continue reading

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Vulnerability Scanner

I guess you all heard about goolag, the new Vulnerability Scanner that uses Google as their engine. I think it is fantastic. There are very creative people out there, Very. The thing is, I’m not so sure if I would … Continue reading

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SQL Injection

I found this excellent piece of art that made me smile… In case you were wondering what SQL Injection means, it is a trick to inject SQL command as an input possibly via web pages. As seen above, the kid’s … Continue reading

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Do seo hackers care so much about the environment?

Al Gore’s website was hacked by spammers that added outbound links from his site to other sites they wanted to promote. apparently, the new type of hackers, the SEO hackers constantly look for high ranking sites, (Al Gore’s site has … Continue reading

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Searching for passwords?

Google is an amazing search engine, we all know that, right? So how about searching for passwords of people that left their passwords exposed on the internet, just for the sake of I don’t know what. some of the nicest … Continue reading

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