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Firefox Market Share

According to recent publications Firefox had just crossed the 30% Market Share line. I still see every day websites that look bad on Firefox, and I find it pretty amazing that webmasters tend to ignore the trends and continue working … Continue reading

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The shorter (your url) – the better!

Every now and then I bump into stupid mistakes that web developers do, and sometimes it really hurts to watch. Take a look at this URL: What the hell is happening here? This URL should be ILLEGAL! The programmer … Continue reading

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How To Find The Best Domain Name

One of the most frustrating steps I face when building a new website is looking for a great domain name. Since nearly every domain name you can think of is already taken, some creativity is needed here. So here it … Continue reading

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innovative design

Checkout this excellent post by SEOmoz, 8 Innovative Design & UI Elements That Make Sites Better My favorite item was news via the Logo that shows a super cool use for your logo for hot news or announcement. This is … Continue reading

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fonts that make users trust you

I found a really nice research article made by the Psychology Department of Wichita Sate University, about The Effect of Website Typeface Appropriateness on the Perception of a Company’s Ethos orĀ  in other words – which font should you use … Continue reading

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SEO Friendly Web Development Companies

It happened lately a few times that I asked customers to make changes on their website and got the answer “the company that built our website said that it is impossible”. I heard it even on simple requests like removing … Continue reading

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Disable Google Analytics

If you would ask me what is the best Google Analytics resource, I would’nt think twice before sending you here. However, for the problem we had we found something different. I’m using Google analytics quite a lot on every site … Continue reading

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Add iPhone icons to your site

Does your website suppot Apple iPhone? iPhone Dev Center explains how easy it is to create a WebClip Bookmark Icon for iPhone users. To specify a bookmark icon for all pages of a web site, place a PNG image named … Continue reading

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SQL Injection

I found this excellent piece of art that made me smile… In case you were wondering what SQL Injection means, it is a trick to inject SQL command as an input possibly via web pages. As seen above, the kid’s … Continue reading

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htaccess – best thing since sliced bread

htaccss is used to manipulate URLS on Apache web servers. As we all know, URLs are a tremendously important factor in SEO, and the easiest way to improve them is htaccess. here is a simple example for htaccss file. The … Continue reading

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