Google says: speed up!

Google has just announced that faster websites will be ranked higher.

There are few tools like Page Speed and YSlow that you can use to optimize your site speed, and of course if you thought about a stronger platform for your website, now you have another reason to do so.

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What is Google Personalized Search

Question: How is that possible that I see different SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) when I’m logged in to Gmail than the SERPS I saw when I was logged out?

Another Question: How is that possible that I see different SERPS when I use Firefo, Chrome or Internet Explorer?

The answer is Google Personalized Search.

Here is an excellent video that explains this issue – for dummies.

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Access Google from China

Google has announced that the love afair between Google and the Chinese government is over. Google has stpped censoring the internet and they are minutes before being blocked all over China. On the short run, this is a bad move for Google, since they are going to loose some money as of this move. In the long run, they proved that their Do No Evil policy is not just a slogan.

Internet users in China that want to access Google are welcome to try Securitales. It works from China without any problem.

The official Google post is here

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Matt says NoFollow

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The longer, the better.

Wordtracker blog has an excellent post about Long Tail Keywords.

I’m on my way to France for Ski so I don’t have time to write about it now. I’ll write about it more when I’m back.

See you soon!

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Listen to the audio below.
The kid that says “Jet Blue 171, clear for takeoff” didn’t go to school that day, and instead went with his dad to work.
Isn’t that fun when your dad works in the JFK AIRPORT TOWER!

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where does a 800 pound gorilla sit

Here is a really funny clip made by
The fact that this video clip is hosted on YouTube proves that the people in Google still got some sense of humor left.

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Help my friend get back her gmail account!

My friend Hilit called me devastated and said that her Gmail account is blocked. Apparently some virus used her Gmail account for spam. One thing led to another and as of yesterday she can’t login any more to her Gmail, Picasa, Google Docs abd Google Calendar.

Can any of you help her? She tried to fill in some recovery forms but that didn’t solve anything. Just more and more questions and nothing helped. If you or any of your friends know someone in Google that knows someone in the Gmail team that will listen to her and try to help, please comment on this post or send her an email. If you can add a link to this post to your Facebook or Twitter, that would be great. Your help is appreciated.
Problem Solved!

When I heard about it, I thought that this could easily happen to me or to any of my friends. However, as I wrote once, there are ways to minimize the risk.

1. Instead of using a gmail address for your business, get your own domain and use Google Apps – the price is only $50/year. This way, if something happens, you can always point your mx record somewhere else. (Anyone tried Yahoo!?)

2. Once your get your own Google Apps account, forward the old Gmail account to the Google Apps account and set a vacation reply in the old gmail account, saying you have a new email address. It will take a few weeks and all your friends will update their address book.

3. Install Microsoft Outlook and configure it to download all your gmail messages (It will probably take a few days). Leave messages on server, no need to delete anything.

4. Install Google Apps Sync and upload all your gmail data to your new Google Apps account.

5. Configure your favorite email client to pop3 download all your emails on a daily basis from your new Google Apps account. Make sure you don’t delete anything from the server, this is just for backup.

Anybody has more tips?

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Twitter is Over Capacity

I have just logged in to Twitter and saw this error message:

Isn’t that a beautiful?

Instead of the ugly 500 Internal standard error message, why don’t we all be nice to your customers?

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